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JOURNEY --- International World Music --- Available on ITUNES, SPOTIFY AND AMAZON


Presented by composer, kanunist, and violinist, Hasan Isakkut, “Kibar” beautifully blends and juxstaposes colors, styles, voices and visions from all over the globe while traveling though genres as diverse as new age, classical and jazz. Assembling a varied and distinctive combination of ingredients such as rich, jazzy keyboards, downtempo beats that bring in a sense of the contemporary urban pop scene, and directing it with his compelling, emotional and penetrating solo performances, the album does a remarkable job of drawing the listener in and maintaining relaxed interest through striking yet entrancing characters and imagery. A noteworthy fusion of traditional and modern music practices, making the most of each perspective.


With his newest recording, Hayat 1 Hayat, the brilliant Turkish musician and composer Hasan Isakkut introduces his dynamic singing style. The CD features both an instrumental and vocal version of his hit “I Love You” which was covered by the famous Turkish diva Muazzez Ersoy and also appeared on the CD compilation Buddha Bar Volume Two. All the music was written by Hasan, except for two exciting traditional Turkish instrumental pieces. Joining Hasan is the well known Omar Faruk Tekbilek on zurna and ney, along with percussionist River Guerguerian, Chris Rosser on guitar, keyboards, and dotar, (he also handled the engineering and mastering chores), Eliot Wadofian on fretless bass, Murat Tekbilek on darbuka, and Juan Benavides on acoustic guitar. Throughout the recording, Hasan displays his virtuosic kanun playing, mournful violin playing, and passionate singing.

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